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Why we love WordPress

We love WordPress. We love it a lot. There are many, many reasons we love WordPress – far, far too many to list in fact, but here are a few of the best …

  • WordPress is open source software. In a nutshell this means that it’s not owned by any single entity; its code is available for all to see and change (that’s the bit we really like!). You are free to use it for any purpose without paying software licencing fees and there are literally hundreds of developers working on enhancing the platform worldwide – that’s more that an awful lot of commercial software!
  • WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) with over a 60% market share of the CMS sector. The most recent version of WordPress has been downloaded over 26 million times. A recent w3techs survey found that an estimated 21.6% of all (yes, all) websites on the planet are running on the WordPress platform, collectively serving up an eyewatering 4 billion pageviews per month during 2013. Finally, a Google search for ‘wordpress’ returns about 654 million results.
  • WordPress is mature – evolving from a single piece of code in 2003 to over 252,000 lines of code at last count. It has taken an estimated 65 person-years to get WordPress to where it is today and it’s showing no signs of letting up.
  • WordPress is intuitive and very easy to use. Need we say more? If you already have a WordPress site, you’ll know what we mean.
  • There is a massive community surrounding, developing for and supporting WordPress. There are currently almost 30,000 plugins available for WordPress which means that where there is a requirement for additional functionality, someone has often been there before and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • WordPress is inherently search engine friendly. Matt Cutts, Google Engineer (and as some might argue, the face of search) recently said, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”.