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Where’s Paul?

Paul Mackman

Paul Mackman - back in the office soon!

Paul Mackman, MD of Mackman Group, is currently out of the office and working part time at home whilst he recovers from a routine operation on his back. He says, ‘I’m told that the operation went well and I can already feel the difference where the problem was. It’s just a matter of recovering from the operation itself now.’ Paul’s work is being covered by his wife and co-director, Gemma, along with the business and design teams at Mackman.

‘It’s been a good time to take a step back from the business and consider some broader decisions regarding the company as it continues to grow and move forward,’ said Paul. ‘Everyone in the office is busy and clearly focussed on their work and I’m keeping up to date with progress on projects as well as new business coming in.’

Paul is due to return to the office in mid to late February, and until then can be contacted by email.