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Mission Statement

The Mackman Mission Statement

The Mackman Group provides strategic support, thorough and accurate research, and focussed tactical management to corporate clients. Central to our offering is the need to enable organisations to make informed decisions once they know more about their markets, clients or their own strategy.

Our clients value our professional, enthusiastic, plain speaking application of knowledge and experience. We offer a responsive service that ensures continuity and a guiding hand to ambitious organisations. We aim to achieve a high level of respect from both clients and the business community.

Valuing our independence and the need to secure a future for our company, we see continuous training as an essential element of our growth. Recognising the value of our clients knowledge and experience in their own fields, we specialise in a collaborative approach that bridges resource or knowledge gaps.

Working in this way we encourage clients to actively participate in the development of their own research, marketing & design activities.

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Paul Mackman

“Our mission statement has been a touchstone for Mackman from day one.  It creates focus and acts as a guiding hand for key messaging and organisational behaviour”

Paul Mackman Managing Director