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Amanda Ansell - Insight Manager

Businesses who invest in research have the best insight into their customers…”

Amanda is a senior member of our research team and has worked extensively across customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, competitor and social research for over eight years. With a Master’s degree in the Arts, Amanda has observational and analytical skills that make her a thoughtful and astute researcher.

Amanda has been central to the creation of our telephone, face-to-face and online surveys. Working closely with our Research Director, she develops data collection, analysis and reporting techniques.

Amanda also works alongside our strategic and digital teams, leading the delivery of persona research. Other teams in the business take Amanda’s findings and use these as central blocks to how a website is written, designed and built or how a marketing strategy is developed to target key audiences. Her ability to study wider landscapes and interpret the wider context of data make her an invaluable member of our team.

Amanda Ansell
Projects Amanda has worked on