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Staff Focus: Paul Mackman

Paul Mackman is a founding member of the Mackman Group and has a real passion for developing business, having launched the company in 2003, with wife and Research Director, Gemma.

What’s your working background?

It’s actually quite broad. My professional experiences have spanned a range of industries including manufacturing, hospitality and retail. I managed a very successful newspaper and magazine department for WH Smith, turning over £750,000 a year during the late 90s. My last position before launching the Mackman Group was with a company called State Industrial Products, an American chemical company. I was the European Operations Manager dealing with responsibilities for credit control, stock management, warehouse management, and product development, amongst others.

What made you want to start your own business?

As I grew up, I had a lot of friends that had had family business to go into. I really liked the idea of coming into a family firm, and building on something which has already been established. However, the Mackman’s weren’t running any businesses at that time – so I needed to start my own. Marketing is something I’ve always been involved with. In all the roles I’ve had, marketing has always been a big element of it.

How has the company changed since you and Gemma started the company?

If anything, it’s becoming easier. Our overall aim was to be a ‘complete marketing department’. We now have a team of 13, largely specialists, each offering a different service that’s a part of the broader marketing spectrum. The bigger we get, the closer we get to the original ideal. As the company has grown, the expert staff who’ve joined us have added to our offering as we’re able to provide a broader range of services. We’re now able to provide clients with a complete tailored marketing solution, whatever their requirement as we have the resources to fill their need.

What’s like working with your family and in-laws?

Gemma and I wanted to create a family-based company from day one. A number of relatives now work for Mackman, and it’s because they’re impeccably talented in their field. But essentially, we feel that everyone here at Mackman is a part of the family. We pride ourselves on a safe, secure and creative work place, with every member of the team being supported and developed in their individual goals. Our ‘family approach’ has meant that everyone on the team is able to achieve what they want to achieve. The business has consistently grown, but this has been at a gradual, controlled pace. In spite of the recession we’ve continued to grow year on year.

How’re you enjoying your position has CIM Chairman?

My work with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) ties in directly with the importance we place on strategic planning and continuous learning, to the benefit of clients and our company. We’re big believers in personal development, too and CIM events support this. By being involved with key organisations, such as the CIM, that promote best practice in a diverse and dynamic field, clients understand we’re always up to date on recommended business practice.

What excites you about marketing?

I think it’s probably the potential to have such a broadly positive impact on an organisation. The ethos behind Mackman is, Together We Grow. This rings true with how we approach marketing. By helping, sharing and learning with our clients, and translating our marketing expertise, we’re able to enjoy a mutually beneficial long-term relationship that will continue to develop.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I spend most of my time outside of work with Gemma and our boys. I’ve also been playing the Ukelele for the last 18 months and am really enjoying it!

What’re you future goals?

Having thought about it, my goals for our family, and the business, are very similar. In both instances it’s my main aim to carry on creating and supporting a safe, stable environment for those in it. In doing this, I suppose I want to help Gemma, the boys, and the Mackman team to be able to grow and achieve their own objectives.

Paul Mackman