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Staff Focus: Jonathan Schofield

Jonathan joined the Mackman Group in early 2013 after working as an editor for a London publishing group. He started his publishing career in the advertising industry before training as a journalist and gaining both NCTJ and NCE qualifications. Jonathan’s background in both the newspaper industry and corporate publishing means he can provide editorial content and support across our diverse client base, from press releases to in-depth case studies.

What were you doing before joining Mackman?

If you want to delve way back I’ve worked as a lifeguard, canoe instructor and football coach – but that was down to a gap year I took in my 20s that lasted longer than expected. I studied, travelled and lived for quite a few years in both America and Australia where I developed a love for writing that ultimately led to a career in publishing.

Why did you want to work for Mackman?

I’d had lots of contact with the Mackman Group when I was a reporter covering this region. I was always impressed with the way they operated, how they worked with clients and supported a number of worthy organisations in the area. When I decided to become a freelance journalist Paul Mackman was the first person I spoke to about writing opportunities. At the time they were looking for more editorial support so it was perfect timing and has grown from there.

What do you like about working here?

I like the family ethos and the fact there are extremely talented people in every role and every department here. It means we can offer a broad range of services and know we’re giving a great service – that’s not something I’ve felt confident about in a few of the places I’ve worked before.

How is the world of communication and journalism changing?

We seem to think all the changes have happened recently but communication has been constantly evolving since the first printing press was built. However, the last decade has seen fascinating change on a rapid scale. There are so many ways to communicate with people and audiences now but you have to be prepared to embrace new technology to keep up. It’s interesting that the demise of the written word in magazines and newspapers has not happened in the way it was predicted. Niche publications are seeing healthy and growing readerships while newspapers around the world that saw the changes and responded are showing signs they have a future alongside on-line content.

Where might you be when you’re not at Mackman?

I have a very energetic toddler who needs lots of entertaining so a lot of my time is spent with him on the back of my bicycle or hiking through the countryside. I have a canoe on the River Stour and a bike in the shed and between the two I try to find as much time as possible to explore the region.

Jonathan Schofield