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Staff Focus: Adam Chamberlin

Adam joined the Mackman Group in May 2013 as a web developer. Adam has many years of experience in IT and web development across a number of different industries – from plastics to logistics. Before embarking on a professional IT career Adam taught himself how to programme computers and even built his own computer. This insightful knowledge, built up over many years, has given him an easily understood style of explaining and presenting IT projects to clients and colleagues.

What’s your working background?

Varied and very broad. Growing up I had a fascination with construction and engineering and trained to become a quantity surveyor after leaving Sudbury Upper School. After working in the industry for a while I then worked for a number of local companies in different roles, from a warehouse manager to a forklift driver. During this time I began teaching myself IT skills and not only found I had a knack for it, I absolutely loved it. The company I was with at the time offered me a role in their IT department and my new career has grown from there.

Why did you join the Mackman Group and what do you enjoy about working here?

I was always aware of the Mackman Group. I’d read about them in the local press, saw them grow and was always quite intrigued about what they did here. I spotted a job avert a Web Developer and I immediately put myself forward for the role. I was thrilled to get it. This is a great company with a very positive atmosphere. Everyone is very supportive and I relish the fact that no two days are ever the same here.

What are the main challenges in the role?

Put simply there are three main parts to my job. Firstly I need to look after our existing clients, making sure their websites are maintained, updated and working smoothly. Secondly I work on future projects, which means liaising with both colleagues and clients to establish great websites. I love taking all the design and content ideas for a new client and creating a platform that brings this to life on the screen. Finally there is my day-to-day work within the company to make sure all our internal systems are running effectively, from the phones to the computers.

Is it tough to keep up with the rapid changes in IT industry?

It probably would be if I wasn’t so fascinated with it. Because it’s such a fast moving industry you have to keep learning all the time or you’ll simply get left behind. Our clients need to know we are up to speed on the industry.

What do you do outside of work?

I love being on my bicycle or travelling with my partner Lucy and young son Jack in our VW Camper van. I’m a member of the Sudbury Cycle Club and I’m also a qualified British Cycling coach. I took the qualification as I’m passionate about cycling and enjoy teaching youngsters how to ride properly and safely. My parents live in France and I’d love to see this country embrace cycling the way they do on the continent – it is changing here but we still have a way to go.

Adam Chamberlin