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Search Marketing

Successful search marketing sets out to improve the visibility of a website in search results for its target audience.

What was previously a purely technical discipline has now changed to encompass a broader range of marketing activities. This evolution is testament to how the technological landscape has changed in terms of what effective search engine optimisation now involves.

Our approach to search marketing is centred around increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website in an ethical and targeted way. We do this by developing a strategic content plan, designed with the users’ needs in mind. Creating and disseminating quality content that not only improves overall visibility, but also enriches the users’ overall experience results in increased engagement and conversion rates for our clients.

As a full-service agency, our teams work collaboratively to provide a broad, but integrated search marketing offering. Our search marketing service is tailored to each client’s needs and goals, but essentially is driven by the following:


If you’re going to increase sales through your website, it stands to reason that you need to attract the right people to your website. Volume alone cannot guarantee conversions, which is why it’s essential to build a search marketing strategy on a user-centred foundation.

By understanding your target audience, their buying process and the wider digital landscape of your sector, your search marketing strategy will be informed by solid insight. This knowledge will guide the type of content you produce, when you publish it, how it’s shared and what measures you put in place to define success.

Our dedicated research department can help you identify the key factors influencing your customers’ buying decisions, using methodologies accredited by the Market Research Society.


Content is what shapes the design and functionality of a website. It’s the standard by which websites are judged by search engines and it’s what drives relevancy, user engagement and conversion online.

Content extends beyond words on a page and includes everything from pictures, videos, FAQs, infographics and more. Although hardly a new discipline, content marketing has rightly become central to all marketing activities, on and offline, in recent years. Carefully crafted, quality content is essential to effective search marketing as it has the influence to improve visibility, engage visitors and convert leads into business.

Our communications team are true ambassadors for great content, and believe in bringing an editorial rigor to how we publish content on the web. Using the insights gathered through audience research, our content and strategy teams come together to devise an editorial-style schedule that is aligned to your audience, as well as your overall business objectives. Your bespoke schedule will outline every piece of content, who is responsible for it, which search terms it covers and how it will be disseminated.


Our award-winning technical staff are important players in our search marketing team. They guide the ongoing development and health of all our clients’ websites by ensuring the site’s architecture is faultless.

By being part of the search marketing team from the beginning, our technical team have a full understanding of the overall objectives for the client’s website and provide detailed analytical reports on the progress.

In addition to building and reporting on our clients’ website, we provide a unique WebCare support package that gives clients peace of mind that their site is not only regularly backed up, but checked and kept up to date with best practice search engine requirements.


If the quality of a website used to be judged based purely on architecture, links and keywords, it’s now being measured by the quality of its identity, relationships and content.

Effective social media activity has a beneficial impact on the authority of a website. Social signals can influence search engine ranking positions, but successful ongoing activity will do much more. Social engagement data can be a powerful resource for the ongoing development of your content strategy. You get real-time statistics on what’s working for you and what’s not.

Social media can be especially powerful for brands operating in a niche sector on a local level. By integrating social into search marketing, our team are able to extend the reach of all content produced to ensure its search value is maximised.


Natash Clarke“Search marketing efforts must be driven by adding value to the user if organisations are to see an increase in website conversions.” Natash Clarke, Communications Lead.

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