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Search Audit

Successful search marketing sets out to improve the visibility of a website in search results for its target audience. Determining the right terms to optimise your site for is a key element of any successful search strategy. We approach a search audit from a perspective informed by insight. Our search specialists work alongside researchers to develop our understanding of how you acquire, engage and convert organic search traffic.

By understanding your target audience, their buying process and the wider digital landscape of your sector, your search audit will highlight the right terms to support your business goals for search. This knowledge will guide the type of content you produce, when you publish it, how it’s shared and what measures you put in place to define success.

Our dedicated research department can help you identify the key factors influencing your customers’ buying decisions, using methodologies accredited by the Market Research Society. For more information about our search audit services, please get in touch by calling 01787 388038 or email

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