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Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys For Ambitious Organisations

We provide tailored satisfaction surveys to public and private sector organisations.  Our  research company designs innovative satisfaction surveys using satisfaction survey methodologies to inform decision-making.  Satisfaction survey methodologies include face to facetelephoneonline (web), and postal.

Mackman Research is a specialist business to business satisfaction survey company.  If you require a small, full service satisfaction survey company for qualitative research or quantitative research, we can gather, collate and analyse on your behalf.

Our satisfaction surveys are “low volume and extremely high quality”.

The most effective satisfaction surveys make important up front considerations about objectives, methodologyquestionnaire design, timescales, analysis, reporting methods, and incentives.  We lead you through the satisfaction survey process ensuring that your organisation maximises the benefit of  satisfaction surveys.

Although the process of conducting a customer satisfaction survey project can be therapeutic in itself it is the post-survey analysis, response and action that will ultimately determine how useful and effective the satisfaction survey process has been.  Particular attention is paid to verbatim commentary whilst conducting  satisfaction surveys.

Why You Should Outsource Satisfaction Surveys

Outsourcing the task of conducting a satisfaction surveys to a specialist third party has numerous benefits:

  1. It eliminates bias or the potential to be accused of bias
  2. Response rates increase making the survey more statistically sound
  3. Respondents are more inclined to give frank responses

Customer satisfaction surveys can also be a great public relations exercise.  All Mackman Research customer satisfaction surveys are conducted following strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS).

Telephone Interviews

Telephone interviews were once considered an inferior substitute to face to face surveys.  Today telephone interviews are a widely used method of gathering survey data including the monitoring of customer satisfaction surveys. Mackman Research specialises in low volume, high quality telephone interviews to senior executives and use them effectively for customer satisfaction surveys.  We do not operate a call centre operation but instead have a small number of  very skilled phone researchers.  We encourage you to have direct contact with the phone interviewers working on your project.

Mackman Research Approach

We treat every project individually and not a templated one product fits all approach. Our tailored research services ensure that results are statistically sound and relevant to the needs of the customer that has commissioned them. Careful consideration is given to the research methods employed and we will often use a blended approach.  All market research projects are managed by a Senior Market Researcher or Company Director and are conducted following strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS).

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“Our satisfaction surveys are tailored to your needs and inform decision making” – Gemma Mackman Research Director

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Satisfaction surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys