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Cobb Vantress – Integrated Campaign


Cobb Europe was formed in 2001, under the Cobb Vantress global brand. It brings together many of the already existing Cobb franchises serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Although Cobb Vantress is the world leader in broiler poultry breeding stock, markets in Europe have proven more challenging and complex, particularly in the western European markets.


Cobb approached Mackman having identified the need for a campaign across the western European markets to promote the World No1 position of Cobb Vantress and help drive awareness and increased sales.

We proposed to develop and deliver a tactical marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Cobb Vantress World No1 status across western Europe. The campaign would also need to identify and support the following strengths as sub messages:

  • Great technical support for customers; from “farm to fork”
  • Serving customers through the use of innovative research and technology to make chicken healthy and affordable
  • Delivering continuous progress in genetics
  • Cobb500™ has the greatest feed efficiency, more chicks per hen and best uniformity


In order to develop an appropriate and effective strategy we worked closely with the Cobb Europe marketing team to understand their market and better inform our process. The campaign needed to reach all the stakeholders with relevant messages via channels using a tone of voice that would resonate and create engagement with the campaign. Specifically covering;

  • A multi-layered campaign with messages aimed at stakeholders including internal communications and an external campaign. PR will be handled by Cobb Europe.
  • A phased approach to the implementation to enable;
  • Staff to be aware of the campaign first to maximise employee engagement
  • The campaign to have maximum impact across all channels and create a sustained noise in the marketplace
  • Mixed media, including print, digital and social media to maximise the reach of the campaign to all stakeholder groups

It was also important that we developed a cohesive integrated campaign which would provide unique content for each country and/or audience where appropriate. This included campaign elements such as:

  • Campaign Website – translated into German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Polish
  • Adverts (Design & artwork)
  • Imagery
  • Posters (Design & artwork)
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Promotional material

 Client Feedback:

“I was ready for our team to look at a different approach to constructing a B2B marketing campaign for Western Europe, the team at Mackman led us on a very professional focused path, using a campaign brief and personas to make us think about the types of people we were targeting. The design team came up with some strong images, one which we kept coming back to, this became the basis for our 18 month campaign, which we supplemented with three additional messages and QR coded microsites in six languages to start with. We look forward to continuing the relationship during the deployment of this campaign and expanding it into six more languages.”

Euan Meldrum, Marketing Manager – Cobb Europe Ltd

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