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Staff Focus: Merv Royce

Merv joined the Mackman Group in 2004.  His attention for detail and consistency make him an excellent book-keeper and credit controller.  Importantly Merv ensures that all suppliers are paid within terms in line with our company policy.  In addition to his role as Financial Controller Merv is involved in Project management ensuring that timings and budgets are met.  Merv lives in Colchester, Essex.

What’s your working background?

I joined the Ministry of Defence as an Apprentice Instrument Technician, repairing and calibrating optical equipment, when I was nearly 16 years old. By the time I left in 2006 I was in charge of the instrument section, project managing support for the visual devices used on guns in active service. It was around this time that my daughter Gemma, and son-in-law Paul were in the early days of running the Mackman Group. They needed someone to take on the financial management of the business, and that’s when I stepped in!

What’s it like working with your family?

It’s incredibly rewarding to work with Gemma and James. Seeing them both flourish in their professional life is very satisfying. It’s nice to see the family doing so well, because it shows that all of their hard work is paying off. Working alongside them, and assisting in their efforts is a real pleasure.

How would you describe the Mackman Group?

It’s a truly dynamic, forward-looking company. Paul and Gemma wanted the company to always be advancing, giving clients a great quality of service. They wanted to instill an ethical code to guide their business model. This has created a really nice atmosphere, because all of the team are on the same page. There’s a great buzz in the office, with everybody naturally striving for excellence and improvement.

How do you feel about the new office?

I’m really excited about it, because it’s been a long time coming. We’re continually growing, and it’s going to be great to be in a space that we’ll be able to grow into. To think, the business started in a small room in Twinkle Star House, nestled within Colchester’s dutch quarter – and now we have three offices! We’ll only continue to grow, because as a company, we just can’t stand still.

How would your colleagues describe you?

I don’t really know, you’d have to ask them – but I would’ve thought it’d be nice.

What might we catch you up to on the days when you’re not at Mackman?

I’m always busy! A part from the usual things, gardening and jobs around the house, I have five grandsons who I often look after. They keep me on my toes, whether we’re playing with Lego, or they’re teaching me how to play on their Nintendo DSs. I also regularly play snooker with a group of old friends.

What you’re future goals?

Just to keep doing what I’m doing really. I want to keep assisting the Mackman Group in the good work that they do until I choose to retire, which isn’t something I’m planning on doing any time soon!

Merv Royce