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Staff Focus: Hannah Marshallsay

Staff Focus: Hannah Marshallsay

Hannah joined Mackman to support the growing provision of our strategic marketing services. Coming to us from working with, Hannah is a customer engagement specialist, with in depth expertise of developing customer growth strategies within the digital field . Having also worked closely alongside, and for, creative agencies, Hannah has the experience needed to support clients in the growth of their business by providing innovative, integrated marketing solutions.

What’s your working background?

I started my working life at a creative agency called Black Sun, based in Fulham. I specialised in customer loyalty and worked on customer retention programmes for Sainsburys, O2 and British Airways. After about five years I moved to Dunnhumby and had various roles, but spent the last three years working with on projects centred around customer analytics. We looked at customer behaviour and how they used specific areas of the website. Our primary work was to devise and implement marketing strategies to drive grocery and non-food sales online.

What is your role at Mackman?

I’m a Client Lead at Mackman which means, along with Sara, I am an ambassador for our clients, making sure they’re best-represented at every turn. I came on board to apply my experience with bluechip organisations to smaller businesses, and to make a difference to companies in my local area. As my background is in data, my aim is to help clients understand the power and value of customer data and to use it intelligently with a view to getting better marketing results. It’s vital to introduce smarter objectives where possible so we can make sure that all our activity is measurable.

What do you like about working here?

It was a huge culture shock coming to an organisation of 17 from Dunnhumby which has hundreds of staff – but it’s a wonderful change. I love the variety of sectors our clients sit in and have really enjoyed working with third sector clients. Everyone is very good at what they do here, which makes it a rewarding place to be. We all have different personalities, but we share similar values which is why the family ethos works so well.

What is the biggest challenge about your job?

Initially, stripping back the complexity of what I’d learnt working with Tesco down to what’s most valuable to smaller businesses and charities took a bit of time.

How would you colleagues describe you?

That’s a tricky one. I’ve always had a reputation for staying calm and focussed.

What might we catch you up to on your days off?

I’d be looking after my three little girls. I enjoy cooking and hosting regular parties for all our friends from our village and their children. I love doing the house up and having it filled with people. Last time I made a huge buffet with lots of different salads. My posh sausage roll with quail’s eggs running through it and my spinach roulade are hero dishes that I always enjoy making!

What’re your future goals?

I want to continue to raise the girls well and make sure they’re happy. Work wise, I want to help grow Mackman. We’ll do this by helping our clients develop and evolve.

Hannah Marshalsay