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James Royce

An interview with Mackman Group’s Digital Services Manager – James Royce

James joined the Mackman Group in early 2010. James is a specialist in IT hardware and software development. With years of experience in the IT and programming field, James’ knowledge is vast, but his plain speaking makes for an IT translation that can easily be digested by our clients. James’ strengths are in project management, programming and on-line technologies. With a background in financial software development he specialises in integrating our websites and on-line solutions with back office systems. He lives in Colchester, Essex.

What’s your working background?

Well, I’ve been working in IT support in one form or another since 1993, and have loved every minute. I’ve mainly worked with niche, local companies and have concentrated on accounting and financial systems. I started my own business in 2003, and it was around this time I started working with The Mackman Group, as a client. I finally joined them as the Developer and Technical Manager in 2010.

What’s it like working for Mackman?

It’s just great. Really great. My technical team are a fantastic group of true specialists who are always pushing themselves to produce the best work they possibly can. We’re lucky as we work with an exciting mixture of clients, each with their own identity and infectious personality! Everyday we’re met with real challenges, which is a part of what I love about Mackman – it’s just so satisfying to be able to solve any problems head on, while being supported by a terrific team.

What lead you to a career in IT hardware and software development?

It all started in 1983, to be precise. My parents bought me a Sinclair Spectrum 8-bit home computer and that sort of sparked it all off. Straight away I said to my mum, ‘When I grow up…I’m going to work with computers!’ And I always have. From childhood, I’d always loved finding out how things work, and building things – well creating software isn’t much different!

What inspires you about the Internet?

I’m fascinated by how it’s  integrated so much into all of our lives now. Having access to the Internet is having the answer to almost any question at your fingertips. I first heard the term, ‘World Wide Web’ in 1995, and just the name got me excited! It was just an unheard of concept before then. What it’s done for the business world alone just amazes me. Never have business owners had a greater, wider and more instant access to their clients than today, thanks to the Internet.

How might your colleagues describe you?

You’d have to ask them…but I’m sure they’d be nice.

What might we catch you ‘up to’ on the days you’re not at Mackman?

Well, most of my time is happily spent being a busy father to three young boys. My sons are four, six and seven and certainly keep me out of mischief. When I do manage to find a spare moment, you’d probably catch me playing on my Ukulele (much to the annoyance of those around me)!

Do you have any future goals?

Nothing grand I suppose, just a happy and healthy life with my family; and to carry on being good at what I do.

James Royce