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Abi Mackman

An interview with Abi Mackman – Research, PR and Events Management

Abi currently specialises in data collection and presentation of results for research projects.  She is also an important part of the event management and public relations team.  Abi has outstanding organisational skills, she is a  great communicator and she has established strong relationships with many members of the regional press and media.

Q: What is your working background?

A: I come from a secretarial background and worked in London as a Personal Assistant for nine years, both in the City and West End. I’m used to dealing with top level corporate professionals and to assessing situations and people very quickly. In those roles I was very much working to deadlines. It was extremely pressurised and everything had to be dealt with immediately. I’ve definitely carried that through to my working life since.

Q: What is it like working at Mackman?

A: Working at Mackman is varied and fast paced. It is a rewarding role working alongside likeminded people. I really missed getting my teeth stuck into a project and seeing it through from start to finish when I was on maternity leave. As anyone with children knows, it is almost impossible to start a task and complete it without a hundred interruptions!

Q: What is the most challenging thing about returning to work?

A: Getting all three children up and out of the house in the morning! Once I’m here, I feel calm and ready to start the day.

Q: How would your colleagues describe you?

A: I love to organise and hope they would say I’m good at it. I’m also a perfectionist with an eye for detail. Oh … and very chatty!

Q: How does your home life compare to work?

A: My life is always busy, whether at work or at home, but I am a busy person by nature so that suits me just fine. I’m not one to sit around. I’m always doing something or looking for something to do.

Q: What might we catch you ‘up to’ on the days you’re not at Mackman?

A: When I’m not at Mackman you’ll find me out and about with my husband and children. We’re a very sociable family and enjoy spending time with family and friends. My home is very important to me and as we’re about to move (into a really characterful Edwardian Cottage) I’ll be busy choosing colour schemes, fabrics and furnishings.

Q: What are your future goals?

A: Raising my three children is the most important and rewarding job I could ever do so I hope I will make a success of that. I feel really fortunate to be working for a family-orientated company that allows me to make the most of both work and home. I’m looking forward to my home life and work life continuing to evolve together and to doing everything to the best of my ability.

Abi Mackman