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Our favourite festive films

It seems like only yesterday that we started our festive favourites polls. So far we’ve explored the Mackman team’s favourite adverts and songs, and some clear leaders have emerged from the suggestions given.

It’s now a week before Christmas so we thought we would pull out the big guns and put together a poll of our favourite Christmas films (or films to watch over the festive period). Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new festive favourite of your own!

Paul Mackman, Director:

The Polar Express
“It’s a family favourite. Thinking about it conjures up an image of all of us snuggled up on the sofa with blankets while we watch it. It also has a really great soundtrack.”

Natash Clarke, Communications Lead:

Home Alone
“Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!”

Natasha Clarke, Communications Officer:

The Holiday
“It’s such a typical feel good film. Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz, all in one film… with snow, festive music and a Christmas tent full of stars and fairy lights. What more do you want in a Christmas film! The Iris speech gets me every time, and I love watching her (Kate Winslet), take a leap of faith, leave her old life and start a fresh somewhere completely new. And by the end, little pieces of every character’s soul finally come back together. Just watch it, trust me.”

Jim Carr, Communications Assistant:

Back To The Future
“My family are guaranteed to watch Back To The Future at some point over the Christmas period, even though we must have seen all three films hundreds of times! When I was young I thought that Marty McFly was the epitome of cool; a guitar playing, denim shirt wearing, fluffy haired guy…I may have subconsciously based myself on him…”

Sarah Nagra, Client Lead:

Love Actually
“This has to be a stand out festive favourite for me. Who doesn’t want to live in a world where Billy Bob Thornton is the President of the United States!”

Hannah Marshallsay, Client Lead

National Velvet
“The first time I saw National Velvet I was about 11 years old and was going through my “horsey” phase – every girl has one! I remember getting a riding hat, a crop and a pair of jodhpurs for Christmas, so this film captured my imagination immediately. My children are now going through a similar phase so perhaps I will try to dig out a copy this year.”

Mervyn Royce, Financial Controller

The Lord Of The Rings
“I have really lovely memories of going to see these films at Christmas with my grandchildren when they came out. We have seen every single one from the first Lord Of The Rings film, right up to the modern Hobbit films.”

Angela Balaam, Senior Graphic Designer:

“There are some genuinely sad moments in the film, but it’s mostly a very happy, silly film, with lots of funny moments and some lovely songs too. My daughter has just started watching it with us too, so I am sure it will become one of her favourites.”

Bruce Burgoyne, Creative Lead:

“We didn’t really watch many films at Christmas when I was young – we were too busy playing and having adventures outside, but I have a vivid memory of watching Gremlins one year.”

Suzanne Smith, Graphic Designer:

The Grinch
“It’s a bit manic, quite silly and very colourful. I love Christine Baranski too – she is always guaranteed to crack me up.”

Adam Chamberlin, Web Developer:

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
“Chevy Chase – this really doesn’t need any further explanation!”

Amanda Ansell, Senior Researcher:

The Nightmare Before Christmas
“It’s a bit of an alternate take on Christmas, and what it might look like to an outsider. Not to mention that it captures the magic of Christmas (and Halloween!) with a kooky storyline, great characters and a few catchy songs for good measure.”

Abi Mackman, Researcher, PR:

A Muppet Christmas Carol
“It just wouldn’t be Christmas with A Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s become a bit of a tradition in my house. The songs are really catchy too.”