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Measurement & Analysis

Digital marketing has helped provide a proliferation of data available to marketers which can be used to uncover valuable customer insight. Often overwhelming in terms of its volume, there is a wealth of information at hand from a variety of sources as long as you have the analytical skills available to make sense of the numbers.

Missing data such as customer satisfaction measurements can be gathered using appropriate methods to ensure robust findings for qualitative or quantitative results. Internal systems and back office software can also be important sources of useful data to marketing analysts. In expert hands, the data can illuminate the existing relationships we have with customers, allowing organisations to become ever more personalised or targeted in their marketing activity.

We help our customers to make more sense of the data they hold, whether it’s on or offline. Our measurement and analytical services involve strategic, communications and technical specialists who come together to provide a ‘bigger picture’ view of what’s happening within an organisation and what they need to do to grow.

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