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Mighty Email Marketing Software Autoresponder

Mighty Email Marketing Software Autoresponder Feature

Unlimited Autoresponders

The Mackman Mighty Email Marketer offers unlimited autoresponders so that you can automatically email your subscribers at any time you specify in the future. What is more your autoresponder emails can be sent intelligently by using subscriber preferences such as subject, age, job type, sector or location.  Everything is done via your web browser so you can have global access to settings as long as you have internet access – incredibly convenient for those on the move.

Why would you use an autoresponder?

Autoresponders offer a fantastic way to communicate with your subscribers automatically but without the necessity to write individual emails.  This functionality also allows you to masss communicate.  Examples of how you use autoresponders include:

  • Sending automatic follow up emails to online customers that have purchased from you.
  • Create and send email courses to subscribers, scheduling the course to be emailed in stages over different weeks or days. For example, you might send your subscriber a new email every Tuesday, or even a new email at 10am every day.
  • Based upon preferences, automatically email different emails to different types of subscribers. You might for instance email your “Essex” newsletter to those subscribers who have told you that they are in Essex whilst emailing your “Suffolk” newsletter exclusively to subscribers who are in Suffolk.

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The Mackman Mighty Email Marketing software autoresponder

The Mackman Mighty Email Marketing software built-in autoresponder facilitates the easy creation and scheduling of your own emails being automatically emailed to subscribers. You decide which subscribers to email utlising the powerful filtering technology.  The advanced reporting enables you to view statistics and reports on each and every autoresponder that gets emailed.

Powerful automated email marketing working for you!

Research shows that people need to be “exposed” to your services or products a minimum of seven times prior to purchase. Your web site will help, but sending your clients or prospects automatic “follow up” emails will get the job done much quicker.

Autoresponder emails allow you to automatically email as many follow up emails to your web site visitors as you like. Once they sign up and join your mailing list, you can use Mackman Mighty Email Marketer to schedule a series of as many follow up emails as you like.  These follow up emails can be sent to each subscriber at separate intervals over any given period of time that you specify.

For example, if someone subscribed to your mailing list tomorrow, you may have scheduled a series of three autoresponder emails to be sent to them automatically every week on a tuesday at 9.30am by Mackman Mighty Email Marketer. Alternatively you might schedule the initial email  to go out 24 hours after they subscribe containing more information about your services or products.  The following second email may go out 48 hours after, with a free article or other relevant content content.  The final email may be scheduled for 72hrs later and include a link to buy the product with a limited time discount.

Clearly autoresponder emails are a powerful tool that can help increase sales, and the best thing is that once you’ve setup the autoresponder, you don’t need to do anything else – Mackman Mighty Email Marketer takes care of everything and will send the autoresponder emails at any time of the day, 7 days a week.

What next

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