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Mackman support for Sudbury Common Lands Charity

Sudbury's water meadows are unique

Sudbury's water meadows are unique

The Mackman Group has strengthened its commitment to the Sudbury Common Lands Charity this month by pledging £60 a month to help the charity’s work: maintaining and enhancing Sudbury’s unique riverside landscape and encouraging wildlife to flourish.

Sudbury’s water meadows are unique. The wetlands have the longest recorded history of continuous grazing in East Anglia, and were recorded as water meadows in the Domesday survey of 1086. The land has never been ploughed, and numerous species of native grasses support the grazing cattle. Some of the wetland plants are quite rare, and even the most casual observer will be rewarded with sightings of wonderful animal and bird wildlife on the meadows. Mackman believes that this is a resource worth supporting and we’re delighted to supply the charity’s marketing and PR along with our regular cash donation.

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