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It’s hoop o’clock!

Hoop O'clock website

Hoop O'clock website

Hoop o’clock is a collective which organises 1-2 day intensive hula hooping workshops geared for all levels. Tutors Angie Mack and Satya Bella are established hula hooping professionals highly regarded on the hooping scene¬† and responsible for teaching and inspiring many active professional hoopers out there today.¬† Their new website is now live at where you can view course details and sign up for updates on the hoop o’clock mailing list.

Angie’s performances have been worldwide ranging from small intimate audiences right through to the big stage and live TV shows. Satya has performed in over 30 countries both solo and as part of the world renowned fire troupe ‘FlameOz’. For some awesome hooping action from Angie, click here.

Hoop o’clock’s website designer, Bruce Burgoyne, says: ‘ is a great example of a simple website with a unique function and identity.’ This blogger says: ‘Please can someone surprise me for Christmas?’