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Global Stone takes a Bronze

Global Stone gets a bronzeWe’re delighted to announce that the Global Stone Paving sponsored garden, Petra: Tranquillity set in Stone has been awarded a bronze medal at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show.

As a specialist supplier, the company takes pride in providing an array of beautiful hand-selected stones for those who value quality, as well as design, in their garden scheme. The team at Global Stone has always been passionate about helping customers create a real harmony between plants and stone, no matter what the scale, or style, of their design.

Ben Wincott, garden designer, spoke of his inspiration, ‘My influences were from raw materials in nature, the stone, the wood, and the wild flowers. I imagined a space of great peacefulness, situated on the edge of a woodland-like clearing and decided this was a special part of the world, so we carved the garden into the bedrock itself. An eye-catching pond is nestled among the wild meadow flowers, the perfect spot to relax on a British summer day, surrounded by wildlife.’

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