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French site launched by Mackman

Bilingual site for Mackman

Fournitures Faciles - Bilingual site for Mackman

Mackman has launched a bi-lingual site for a French stationery supply company based in London. Fournitures Faciles aims to make life easier for parents of students at the several French schools now in the UK by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for specific french stationery compulsory at the schools.

Bilingual site for Mackman

3 clicks and you're done...

For the company’s managing director, Laurence Weinberger, a bi-lingual site which was very easy to use was crucial for the company. ‘The whole point of my business is to make things as simple as possible for people,’ she explains. ‘James has been brilliant and I’ve had nothing but compliments from people using the site. It turns what is quite a complicated proceedure into 3 clicks and you’re done.

‘The team really got to grips with the brief from the start and their advice on how to get the best functionality from my budget was really excellent. Also, when there was a problem, I had someone on the phone in 2 minutes and the whole thing was sorted out within the hour.’

Bon Chance, Laurence, in your business venture from all at Mackman.

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