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Data Visualisation

Presenting data in a visual form can make it so much easier to understand and is much more appealing than data tables.  We use a range of powerful solutions including static and interactive maps, graphs and charts.  From small data-sets to databases that contain millions of separate data points we have the capability to produce bespoke data visualisation solutions according to your requirements.  Graphics can be designed to adhere to existing brand guidelines or to work alongside existing resources.

A notable example of an interactive online mapping solution called The Human Rights Atlas was developed for the University of Essex.  This project sees the plotting of human rights data across world maps and allows the drilling down to country level.  Results can be viewed across a thirty year timescale with users selecting their preferred criteria.  Data sheets are available for free download as is the data set.  This tool is primarily aimed at academic applications, government organisations, NGO’s and the media but will naturally attract interest from others outside of these groups.  Custom branding was developed for this solution and results are presented in a highly visual manner. The Human Rights Atlas is currently undergoing a substantial second phase of development to add features, amongst others, such as multilingual capabilities and regional maps.

Another example of our data visualisation work, The Olympic Dream, was featured by the BBC in 2012. Due to the integration of the IDCR (for whom the project was created) into the University of Essex, this site can now be found here.