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‘Cycle-to-work-for-chip-Friday Friday’

The Mackman Group have taken on a new challenge of cycling to and from work on Friday in aid of earning chips for their lunch. Previously labelled ‘Chip Friday’, the tradition has been on-going for several years and has now adopted the new name ‘Cycle-to-work-for-chip-Friday Friday’ to promote well-being and boost staff activities within the group.


Adam, who works in our technical department and regards himself as ‘The Lord of Lycra’, commenced the trend in early July and now has 4 others on board including; Bruce (creative lead), Suzanne (graphic designer), James (technical lead) and Jonathan (PR & communications). Adam thoroughly enjoys cycling and is a qualified British cycle coach. Having so far been a success, he is now hoping to inspire more in the team to join in and tempt his colleagues not to have chips for lunch unless they have ‘earnt it’.


Adam says ‘It’s a great way of bringing the Mackman team together and showing that cycling can be fun instead of a chore. Luckily, most of us live around the Colchester area so can meet up along the way into work. I am still working on persuading the others!’