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Customer Segmentation

Our Approach To Customer Segmentation

We believe in creating customer centred marketing solutions built on insight obtained through customer data and research. By using customer insight to inform your marketing decision, you will have the edge on your competition and be setting yourself up for long term success.

What Is Customer Data?

Customer data is any information you have about the people who use your products and services. Splitting this data helps you better understand whose information you have, what is missing and what can be discovered through research. This data can then be used for insight.

  • Demographic: Who your customers are
  • Behaviour: How your customers interact with you
  • Attitude: Your customers’ values and needs
  • Webographic: Your customers’ web and social media experience

Customer Segmentation

Our customer segmentation techniques analyse your customers’ behaviour and enable you to develop marketing strategies to meet their needs. For example: customer engagement segmentation would help you better understand your customers’ purchasing habits and therefore engagement with your brand. This form of segmentation provides a mechanism to successfully target customers based on their past behaviour and their current position in the customer life cycle.

Customer Segmentation Diagram

Other Benefits of Customer Segmentation

Customer engagement segmentation can also be used to define the offer, message and frequency for an email strategy (or other communications channels). Email activity can be measured accurately by customer segment and return on investment (ROI) obtained.Customer engagement segments can also be used for measurement of overall business performance – the number of customers there are in each segment and how this changes over time.

Our Approach

We recommend taking the following approach to segmenting your customer data:

  • Data Audit: What data do you have? Where is it held?
  • Data Analysis & Segmentation
  • Customer Segment Objective Setting
  • Tactical Implementation
  • Measurement & Analysis

Mark Cronshaw - Customer Segmentation PageCustomer segmentation has helped measure our marketing effectiveness and discover the best channel to use to drive sales with our different customer groups. We will be using the data to refine the targeting of our email and DM activity further and this should continue to improve the return on our marketing investment” Mark Cronshaw, Sales and Marketing Director – The Wine Company

Hannah Marshalsay

 “Customer Segmentation ensures that marketing effectiveness is optimised and allows for a targeted sales drive.” Hannah Marshallsay Client Lead

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