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Customer Research

Mackman Research is a business to business (b2b) customer research specialist

Our tailored customer research will help you to identify the key factors influencing your customers buying decisions. Customer Research methodologies include face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, online surveys and postal surveys. Particular attention is paid to verbatim commentary whilst conducting customer research interviews.

Our customer survey services are “low volume and extremely high quality” and will help you make informed decisions that lead to successful results. Valuable customer research makes important up front considerations about objectives, methodology, questionnaire design, timescalesanalysisreporting methods, and incentives. We lead you through the customer research process ensuring that your organisation maximises the benefit of tailored customer research.

Why outsource customer research?

Outsourcing the task of conducting customer research to a specialist third party has numerous benefits:

  1. It eliminates bias or the potential to be accused of bias
  2. Response rates increase making the research more statistically sound
  3. Respondents are more inclined to give frank responses

Customer Research can also be a great public relations exercise.  All Mackman Research customer research is conducted following strict ethical guidelines as laid down by the Market Research Society (MRS).

Abi Mackman - Researcher

“Our Customer Research speciality is delivering low-volume high quality for premium brands” Abi Mackman Researcher

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Full details on our Customer Research methodologies can be found on our dedicated research website

Case studies
  • Client Survey – Telephone Interviews

  • Customer Perception Survey – Online Survey

  • Customer service and access survey – telephone interviews

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Customer Research

Customer Research

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