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Content Audit Research

Before you know where you’re going, you need to understand where you are today and how you got there. We offer a content audit as a stand alone service for clients who are looking to develop their website in the mid to long term. It can be an illuminating exercise for organisations looking to get an understanding of their content and how they might be able to move it forward.

Once we have a set of goals for your content audit project, the team at Mackman will either undertake:

  • A Quantitative Inventory – this records what content you have, where it is and a couple of other useful pieces of information (format, traffic usage, last update etc.).
  • A Qualitative Audit – this ‘deeper’ look at your content analyses the quality and effectiveness of the material on your website. This service includes best practice, strategic assessments, but also looks t usability, audience appropriateness and accuracy.

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Natash Clarke

“Getting a firm handle on the content you have is an important step for organisations looking to improve engagement and conversion levels.” Natash Clarke, Communications Lead.

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