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We believe in producing quality content that is crafted with the user in mind, no matter whether it’s in print, on a website, for a press release, in an email or a tweet. If a business’ content doesn’t support a key objective and/or fulfil a user’s needs, then it’s time to look at how information is created and disseminated.

Content is what shapes the design and functionality of a website, the look and feel of an email and what your brochure will come out like. It’s the standard by which websites are judged by search engines and it’s what drives user engagement online.

Delivering great content requires some kind of investment: user research, planning, data, copy writing skills, and editorial insight. The Mackman Communications team understand that it requires real people and real resources to get it right. Our specialist staff can support you and your people develop their content in the long term, but also support you with your needs today. We have developed a full-service approach to content and communications, working with a strategic view and a commitment to measurement.

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