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Brand Strategy

Develop your brand strategy

Brand development is about creating a solid strategy that underpins any brand activity.  Your brand strategy should be driven by the principles of differentiation and sustained customer appeal and will inform any creative tactical activities.  Our brand specialists develop bespoke brand strategies to ensure that your brand is clearly and effectively positioned in your market place.

Typically we consider five main brand strategy drivers:

  1. Delivering product or service offerings that match the needs of the market.
  2. Developing a positioning that positively differentiates your brand from that of your competitors.
  3. Look to create a brand essence that connects brand and customer on an emotional level.
  4. Ensuring that at each touch-point perceived value is delivered as part of the brand promise.
  5. Use an integrated and effective communications strategy to create widespread reach and awareness of brand positioning amongst targeted segmented customers and stakeholders.

 Spotting brand strategy success

The success of your brand strategy may be assessed by reviewing how your brand is perceived against the following criteria:

  1. Is your brand different to your competition?
  2. Is it of better quality than the competition?
  3. Does your brand have an excellent customer service facility?
  4. Is your brand constantly supplying added value?
  5. Does your brand have a clear and concise brand essence and proposition?
  6. Is your brand supported by a strong communications programme?
  7. Does your brand deliver consistency and reliability over time?

Premium brands

We have a track record of successfully developing brands since 2003 when the business started.  One of the ways we do this is by developing solid brand strategies that underpin our brand activities.

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“We develop brand strategies that ensure that your brand is positively differentiated from your competitors, let us work on yours” – Paul Mackman Business Development Director

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