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Why you need to believe in Content…

This has been a good year for content. It’s been the marketing buzzword du jour, and although it’s hardly the new kid on the block, it seems to have found itself somewhat centre stage – especially when it comes to digital marketing.

However, this renewed focus has highlighted a bit of a problem. People and organisations may be in a situation where they’re creating more content, but what they’re doing isn’t proving to be useful at all. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) undertook a study that showed only 36% of organisations can say their content is effective.

Simply creating more content isn’t enough. You have to believe in what great content can achieve if you’re going to see the true benefits…and that is what’s missing from how organisations go about creating content. Belief. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need to believe in content.

1. It touches everything
Whether you’re looking to update your website, send out a retention email campaign or put a poster in your shop window, the content you use is at the heart of every communication channel.

2. It can improve the visibility of your business
Google’s many updates across the year have resulted in an ever fluctuating market for those investing in search. In spite of all the change, the call for quality content has been consistent. Read our article on the Hummingbird update to see how important it is.

3. It has the power to influence and inform
Well considered, quality content increases the authority of an organisation like nothing else. By publishing information that will make your user better informed can have a direct impact on leads and sales. 

4. It results in greater engagement
By carefully curating your content so that it appeals to your target audiences, you’re increasing the likelihood that your customers will engage positively with your organisation. 

5. It increases conversions
Good content not only influences engagement levels, but can be one of biggest contributing factors to a conversion.

6. It is measurable
By defining clear goals for what a piece of content needs to achieve, organisations are able to measure its success and calculate a return on marketing investment as a result. 

7. It is shareable
Organisations are looking to social media channels as platforms to acquire new and retain existing customers. This will only happen with the right content as only the good stuff is shared (unless it’s really really bad stuff).

8. It’s what customers want
We all deserve a good online experience. These experiences are generally defined by the right content supporting the fulfillment of whatever our need may be.

9. It’s part of your brand
Content is an integral part of a brand’s identity and should be treated with the same care and attention as an organisation’s visual identity. A company might have the slickest logo or design, but if their content falls short, it’s their overall credibility that suffers.

10. It’s the right thing to do
Every piece of research and expert opinion poll will tell you that quality content is the central pillar to successful marketing. 

There is a big different between content and great content. As with everything in life, to be great…you have to put the time in. You’ll only put the time in if you actually believe in what you’re doing.

So, next time you start writing a blog entry for your site – believe in the value of what you’re doing, because it can make all the difference.







Get going today

Great content doesn’t just happen over night. It takes practice, continual learning and investment – but it’s worth it when the results are magic. Here are some quick tips on getting started:

  • Research and profile your customers and determine what type of content they’d need to help you meet your overall business objectives
  • Get a team together and start jotting down a range of content ideas on post-its
  • Dedicate time to creating your content when you’re not rushed and make sure you share it via your available communication channels
  • Measure how successful it is and use that knowledge to refine future ideas

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