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Our Approach

Our approach is to closely collaborate with you the client, recognising that you are experts within your field, seeking a marketing partner to bridge knowledge or resource gaps. Working together in this manner ensures that the very best results are achieved. With us, it’s all about the long term relationship. At the heart of our business is the belief that by working together, we’ll be able to grow together.

Marketing is everything that an organisation does to facilitate an exchange between company and customer. Our approach to marketing encompasses a number of areas; we think of marketing as a pie, inside that pie you have slices of advertising, market research, media planning, public relations, product pricing, distribution, customer support, sales strategy, and community involvement. All of these tactical elements must not only work independently but they also must work together towards the bigger strategic goal.

The Mackman approach is based upon the following beliefs:

  • Organisational leaders need to make decisions that are informed
  • The most successful marketing strategies are those “owned” by the organisation
  • The client is an expert in their own field but requires a collaborator to bridge knowledge and/or resource gaps
  • Design must be led by function